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Hi, Im Ben.

If its health orientated, then I am interested! I love to study (a geek at heart), spend time with my beautiful family, cook (I think of myself as a bit of a chef), and be outside running.


I like to keep things simple because life is complicated enough as it is!


What do i do?

I offer a range of health and well-being services that provide a great range of benefits for your mental and physical health. 

Over my many years of experince in different roles learning and working with different aspects of the body, I can confidently offer some of the best holistically approached services in the country.

Stress Management

Ph360 Epigenetic's

Men's Health Seminars

Running Coach

I'm on a mission!

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After losing my dad at 54 and my father in law at 58, I have endured the pain of losing influential men well before their time. I have gone through my own struggles both physically and mentally while in my late 20s and early 30s.

During my decline I was fortunate enough to have supportive people around me, an idea of what true health was, both physically/mentally due to my job, and I had the opportunity to create a plan/environment that allowed me to get back to my best.

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